Our Corporate Culture

Yin & Yang – Tradition & Innovation

For Reflex Publishing, tradition and innovation fit together perfectly – every day, we live the best of both worlds. We combine values such as team spirit, flexibility and empathy with quality, performance and trust. For us, modern corporate culture means not only communication at eye level and free amenities, but also honesty.

The idea of yin & yang is also reflected in our product range: We produce content for traditional print media as well as for renowned online platforms. Since we believe in a future in which readers can still rely on print media and in addition, acquire information online.

Brilliant Minds in Demand

We at Reflex Publishing focus on the individual – the customer, the reader and the colleague. The core of our publishing house is a team of people who are young at heart and diverse in terms of education and background. Variety has been proven to be an enrichment for us. Despite our years of experience, we have retained our start-up character. Decisive for our quality is not only the usually academic and practical training, but also a dynamic understanding of work as well as a good portion of passion.

Smart, open and curious – that's how our employees are. Does this description also apply to you? We would like to get to know you. Please send your CV to job@reflex-media.net or call Ingo Schulz at +49 (0)30-2008-949-11.